What is your return policy?

We offer refunds if an item arrives damaged. Such returns must be initiated within one week of receiving the damaged item. In this case, simply contact us to request a return address. Once we receive the damaged item, a new one will be shipped for no charge. Due to the nature of media sales, we are unable to offer refunds for any other reason.

How do I place an international order?

International orders are tricky. Shipping costs to each country can vary greatly, and while shipping bendable documents in a soft envelope is far less expensive, sheet music unfortunately does not qualify as a "document" and must therefore be shipped as a package, making it more expensive. (An envelope is technically not an envelope if it is not bendable, and sheet music needs to be protected with inflexible envelope-shaped packaging.)

The United States Postal Service tells us that these high international shipping costs of parcels are not their fault - it comes from fees that foreign countries impose upon the USPS. To defray this high shipping cost, we recommend rallying a few others with you to place an order of multiple items. International orders of four or more will receive a 10% discount! Simply use the contact form and provide the following information:

Item you wish to order
Quantity (4 or more)
Exact shipping address

An invoice will then be e-mailed to you with the 10% discount applied and exact shipping cost calculated.

Can I post YouTube videos of my own recordings of your music?

Absolutely!  You only need to meet a few easy conditions:

1)  The video URL is sent to support@orangenote.io for review.
2)  The YouTube videos may not be monetized.
3)  The YouTube videos may not show the printed sheet music.
4)  The YouTube videos’ descriptions must include the following text (using Burgmuller's Op 100 No. 2 as an example):

Chad Twedt's Teacher Duets for Burgmuller’s Op. 100 for a second piano

Burgmuller’s Arabesque, Op. 100, No. 2

Sheet music, CD and MP3s available at https://www.orangenote.io


Will you offer sheet music in digital format?

As much as we wish to please our customers, we feel strongly that sheet music should be sold and purchased in hard copy format. We are not alone: while there are many independent publishers who offer digital downloads, major publishing companies do not offer digital downloads despite having the capability to do so for decades. They do sometimes offer their printed music digitally through certain mediums such as apps that pay licensing fees, but these apps only allow the music to be viewed - it cannot be downloaded, saved and potentially copied without significant technical knowledge and effort.

The same can be said for electronic books - no major publishing company allows a simple "Save As" download of their books. Instead, they offer displaying of books on various proprietary devices such as Kindles and Nooks.

And despite our love of and fluency with technology, we lament the decline of physical media due to the rise of digital culture. The sheer volume of free commercial recordings uploaded both legally and illegally to YouTube, for example, has greatly devalued recorded music. Fortunately, the equivalent of this devaluation of recorded music hasn't happened (yet) to printed media. We wish to do whatever we can to promote and preserve the value of quality sheet music.

What about saving paper?

We believe in "green" practices such as paperless billing and anything else that prevents paper from being used in a fleeting, disposable manner. But sheet music is a product of permanence. Unlike digital copies, it can be truly owned, which means it can be lent, given or eventually willed to others.