Sheet Music: Dragon Suite No. 1 for solo piano (Chad Twedt / Jordan Steven)


A four-movement collection of solo piano arrangements by Chad Twedt, the first of two suites based on music of Jordan Steven.


Dragon Suite No. 1 is a four-movement collection of solo piano arrangements for the concert stage, the first of two suites based on music of Jordan Steven.  The original non-piano music was conceived for a classic Japanese video game that was to be translated to English and updated with new music.  The game, The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey, was ultimately released with its original soundtrack due to a company buyout and budget constraints.  Steven made his original music available for its own sake, and allowed Twedt to package the arrangements as suites suitable for the concert stage.

Audio preview of all four movements:


The first movement, “From the Ground Up,” has a “bad to the bone” spirit, featuring dazzling virtuosity and a climax that explodes out of a calm before the storm.  “Fired Up” features smooth left hand arpeggios, passagework with parallel fourths, and a violent middle section.  The third movement, “When the Sun Shines,” features a simple, peaceful theme with a contrasting (newly-composed), thick-textured middle section.  The fourth movement, “Denarius” (the “villain” music), combines themes from three of Stevens’ originals:  Denarius’ introduction music, Denarius’ main theme music, and Denarius’ battle music.  This movement features a great deal of imitation of non-musical sounds, such as clanking chains in the opening introduction, or purely percussive drum sections in the battle music.

Level:  Very advanced
Performance Time:  15 minutes


p. 2          I     From the Ground Up
p. 6         II     Fired Up
p. 10     III     When the Sun Shines
p. 14     IV     Denarius

Notes:  Sheet music is available in printed format only (no PDF available).

Publishing Date: Oct. 25, 2020
Total Pages:  23
Copyright: 2020 (Opus of Orange Note)
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ISBN:  978-1-7346635-0-1
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